pay off debt with extra money

How to Use Your Money Towards Debt

So we are all in different spots when starting your debt pay off journey.  Some have absolutely no liquid money available to throw at their debt and others have thousands of dollars to start out with yet still keep debt around.  I’ll break down how I would approach the various scenarios towards using that money […]

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Our Story on Stacking Benjamins

I was interviewed on one of my favorite podcasts Stacking Benjamins to share our debt free story.  Unfortunately, Erin lost her voice the day of the recording and couldn’t talk during the interview which is too bad since she is such a large part of our success. Such a strange event to all of the sudden […]

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Debt Free Happens…..

Debt free happens when you spend less than you earn.   Debt free happens one day at a time.   Debt free happens one decision at a time.   Debt free happens when you say no.   Debt free happens when your back is against the wall.   Debt free happens when you are sick […]

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