Debt Coaching

Would you like me to help you get started on your debt payoff journey?  I am now offering debt coaching services to help you personally get out of debt.  The tips and tricks we used to pay off $107K in 33 months will be shared with you.

Debt Coaching

As a 2-part counseling session I will review your current situation and help you craft a plan for debt payoff.

Prior to the session please be prepared to fill out a shared google doc with the following information.

  • Income
  • Current Account Balances (list all accounts)
  • Current debt balances and their minimum payments (list all non-mortgage accounts)
  • List reoccurring monthly expenses

Additionally, please provide a copy of your budget if you have one and let’s discuss your life and financial goals.

All of the information you provide is completely confidential. 

The coaching will be divided up into 2 sessions as follows.  Each session will be an hour long phone call.

Session 1

This is a get to know you session where we will discuss the previously provided information as well as your overall status.  Based on that information I will provide a specific plan for paying off debt or savings goals.  We will review your spending and income to discuss ways to cut or add income.

Following this session you will be able to take action right away and start on the road to getting rid of debt.

Session 2

Following the first session we will meet about 2-4 weeks later depending on your situation or preference.  This period will give you the opportunity to implement and experience the plan and budget changes.

We will review the difficulties and successes since the first session.  We can make any adjustments as required and answer follow up questions.

Cost:  $100

If you have any questions between sessions that is included in the cost so feel free to reach out to me during that time.

Follow Up Sessions

If you would like to have any follow up sessions with me that is available as well.  It is not required, but it is an option as I would love to stay in touch with you during your debt free journey.

Cost:  $40 per session

I look forward to the opportunity to working with you and helping you change your life forever and live a debt free life.

Please contact me at for all inquries.