Our Story on the Breaking Student Debt Podcast

We were recently on the Breaking Student Debt Podcast sharing our story of paying off $107K in 33 months.  I fully recommend you check it out and other episodes of this great Podcast.  The host is currently working to pay off his $160K loans which might resonate for those looking to find others currently working to pay off their debt.

Click here to listen to the episode.

This interview differs from past interviews we’ve done in that we went into more specifics regarding our student loans which were $93K of our overall $107K.  We discuss how and when we accumulated the student loans as well as our educational background.

The breaking Student Debt podcast will be great to follow since the host, William Boyd, is just beginning his journey of paying off $160K of student loan debt and is learning about how to go about paying it off.  He is seeking out this knowledge as he goes along.  He also is a very nice person based on our conversation.

It sounds like we will be able to record another episode in the future talking more about marriage and money.  In general, that is a topic we would like to talk about more as like most couples, we had to get on the same page financially to be successful.  Working together was one of the big reasons why we were able to attack this debt and achieve our subsequent goals.

Besides our episode I fully recommend you check out the episodes with Melanie Lockert and the Debt Free Guys.  Both have very different stories and perspectives but share equally great information.  Between these two episodes and ours you have three different backgrounds with the common problem of debt.  We each faced different struggles along the way but we all able to overcome debt by setting aggressive goals and focusing.

Hope you enjoy!!!